Eric Orem playing marimba 2013
Experimental table in progress
My marimbas are made by hand to exacting specifications; there is no automation or assembly line. Responsibly harvested and reclaimed lumber are employed whenever possible.
Hand tools, power tools, pencil and paper, CAD, even elaborate Python algorithms all play a role in creating my instruments.
I'm Eric Orem, a musician and woodworker based in Oregon. I've been building and playing marimbas and other musical instruments since I was a rather small human. Along with doing woodwork in my shop and performing music around the world, I enjoy exploring nature, mathematics, computer programming, gardening, and learning about the traditional cultures of the world - especially of my own Nordic/Germanic roots.
padauk dust soprano side
Soprano in the sunlight
Whether for the home, classroom, studio or the road, the quality and effort put into each instrument remains the same. When we tap into the planet's natural resources, we should do so mindfully and in a fashion repeatable in the long-term. Part of my philosophy is to make the most of every piece of lumber used. No potential goes untapped. Each instrument has unique specifications and frame geometry to allow the keys to sing at their top capacity. Nothing less than 100% effort goes into my marimbas.