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Padauk Dust - Handmade Marimbas

Current inventory

Updated 26th April, 2019

Typically, instruments and other works are made to order. However, on occasion you will find unclaimed pieces here, ready to buy.

Domestic shipping is possible, and will incur additional costs. (Unfortunately, international shipping is usually prohibitively expensive)

Things like keyboard height can often be changed to your requirements, though may incur additional costs.


#138 - built in 2019 by Eric Orem

NEW 17 key soprano marimba
w/F#s, range C4-C6. Madrone frame, padauk keyboard.

Lovely, pure tone with lots of sustain. Tuned to 12ET A=440hz. All keys tuned through 1st overtone (double octave).

Keys 7.3cm wide, playing surface 87cm from ground.

Resonators are currently not made, but can be built before sale if you wish.

-$1190 without resonators
-$1360 with resonators


#41 - built in 2008 by Eric Orem


USED 30 key chromatic marimba range G3-C6. Alder frame, padauk keyboard. Listed on behalf of owner.


This was the first fully chromatic marimba I ever made. While it is not up to my standards today, it is of good quality and plays well. All keys are tuned properly and it sounds good. A very functional, handmade instrument at quite a fair price. If you were to order a similar instrument today, it would cost at least twice as much.

Keys ~5.1cm wide. Full accurate specs coming soon.

The instrument belongs to a friend of mine - a music professional who used it primarily in their recording studio. It is in excellent shape. It will be inspected and touched up if necessary prior to sale.

PVC resonators are equipped with buzzers, which can be disabled if a pure tone is desired.


-$1100 with resonators and mallets